Spiritual Joyful Living Every Day

spiritual joy ever day

In this post we are going to talk about Spiritual Joyful Living and how this we can make this happen every day.


Make Spiritual Joyful Living A Habit

Every morning when we getup we seem to follow a rout teen, some of it is done with out thought, as it has become a habit, this could also be said for negative thoughts, like “aww today I got work, it’s gonna be a crap day!” and guess what? It will be!

The Law Of Mind

When we declare in mind “I’m gonna have a crap day!” we are setting that as an intention, not only are we setting that as our intention it is a negative pray to our Oneness and yes, “so it is” a bad day.

This may sound like it is obverse but it comes down to belief, if I just told you to say to your self “I’m going to have a good day today.” And that will give you a joyful day.

Every day will probably be, a good day for one or two days and then we will forget about the intention on the 3rd day and we’ll be back ware we are now.

Your Not Alone In This

Saying “I” in your intentions makes us out us being a Single and separate being, and this is how the world sees us, but remember we are a Spiritual being and we live from within.

Remember we are not only connected through the universe and to each other, we are connected to the Oneness through Spirit to God, so saying “I am going to have a good day is a very lonely thing to say, and sounds like it is all down to us and we have no help!

Try saying “We’er going to have a good day today, be with me!” now your talking to our oneness we’er talking to God with an intention, and remember God or the Oneness is pure high grade Love.

Make It Part Of Your Day

The trick is to make this part of your day to day living, but by including our Oneness into it, it becomes not only more powerful but easier to bring into our daily root teen.

Spiritual And Joyful Living Takes Work

It would be great if we did not need to do anything, in order to receive spiritual joy every day, but the sad thing is our body is worldly and constantly keeps adapting to the worldly energy.

Our little friend Ego also keeps trying to bring us into the worldly way as well, so we have to live purposely every day and praying and making intentions is very impotent to our Spiritual life and provides a grounding.

The Law Of Free Will

So now we are aware of setting our intention and even the negative ones, I remind us about the free will, “if we declare it, then so it is.” We have to ask for what we want to receive.

Even the positive things like spiritual joyful living, it is very easy to ask for a bad day and get one, as the belief is strong behind it, and because of the law of free will, “And So It Is”

This is why we say “We’re” in our intention in our pray, it holds belief and includes our free will.

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